Henrik Holm  


September 12, 1995

  Birthday : September 12, 1995
  Age : 22 years old
  Birth Place : Oslo, Norway
  Star Sign : Virgo
  Eye Color : Blue
  Hair Color : Blonde
  Height : 6' 4" or 193 cm
  Weight : 187 lbs or 85 kgs

About Henrik Holm  

How old is Henrik Holm (age)? Henrik Holm is 22 years old.. When is the birthday of Henrik Holm? Henrik Holm's birthday is September 12, 1995. - . What is Henrik Holm's full (real) name? Henrik Holm's full name is Henrik Holm.. Where was Henrik Holm born? Henrik Holm was born in Oslo, Norway.. What is Henrik Holm's job? Henrik Holm's job is Actor.. What is Henrik Holm's star sign? Henrik Holm's star sign is Virgo.. What is Henrik Holm's eye color? Henrik Holm's eye color is Blue. What is Henrik Holm's natural hair color? Henrik Holm's natural hair color is Blonde. How tall is Henrik Holm, Henrik Holm height? Henrik Holm is 6' 4" or 193 cm. What is the weight of Henrik Holm? Henrik Holm is 187 lbs or 85 kilos.

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