Massimo Girotti

Mogliano, Marche, Italy

May 18, 1918 - January 05, 2003

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How old is Massimo Girotti (age)?
84 years old.
When is the birthday of Massimo Girotti?
May 18, 1918 - January 05, 2003
When did Massimo Girotti died?
January 05, 2003 - 14 years ago.
What is Massimo Girotti's full (real) name?
Massimo Girotti
Where was Massimo Girotti born?
Mogliano, Marche, Italy
What is Massimo Girotti's job?
What is Massimo Girotti's star sign?
What is Massimo Girotti's eye color?
What is Massimo Girotti's natural hair color?


How tall is Massimo Girotti, Massimo Girotti height?
0 feet 0 inches or 0 cm
What is the weight of Massimo Girotti?
0 pounds or 0 kilos
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